We have now decided to cut down to 4 selected breeds. We have Silver Laced Wyandotte Bantams, Gold Laced Wyandotte Bantams and Light Sussex Bantams, which we have managed to secure from a top breeder. Our fourth breed, which are the only large fowl we do, are the Cream Legbar.

We supply hatching eggs, day old chicks, and up to point of lay bantams. We make our own poultry houses and runs. We can supply everything you need to start up.

If you are new to poultry keeping or have kept poultry before feel free to call or e-mail us for advice without any obligation to buy.

Poultry Housing

Our poultry house is quite basic but very practical.

They are 4ft x 3ft and are made from stockboard.
The house is made from 6mm stockboard fixed to a wooden framework.
The floor is 9mm stockboard on a 2 inch x 2 inch frame
These houses are easy to clean and will not rot. The roof is black onduline which is good for ventilation, they also come with a removable perch.

Poultry Pens

All our poultry are secured in 10ft x 10ft pens, constructed from 4 sections. Each section is 10ft long x 5ft high, made from 2in x 1in tanalised timber and three 6in boards on the bottom of the section, to protect from wind and vermin. We use a net on the top to stop poultry flying out and hawks etc flying in.

They are really easy to set up, making it simple to move your poultry on to fresh ground, and fit nicely onto our sheds.

Poultry houses

£250.00 collected can be flat packed easy to assemble

Poultry houses

£250.00 collected can be flat packed easy to assemble

Feeders, drinkers and nets also available